Thursday, April 14, 2011

Please add your blessing to a peaceful outreach

Dear Classmates,

I ask you to bless a new weekly Samyama mindfulness meditation call that began Tuesday, April 5th. While it is 2:00-3:00pm in our U.S. Eastern zone, it begins at four hourly times, 7:00 through 10:00pm, from London to Moscow, as well as across Africa. The 'stats' area of my site shows folks from a growing number of countries are looking at the Meditation tele-circle info, and I want to help them feel welcomed.

Another way you can support the nurturing and expansion of inner peace is to share this with family, friends, and colleagues you know anywhere in the global community (including locally). I am most appreciative. [You can copy-&-paste this entry into an email.]

Everyone ~ To see the April-May calendars for all Samyama Meditation tele-circles, please visit and click on the link found on the "Meditation by telephone" page. Secure registration/payment can be made there.

The $65-a-month-to-attend-as-many-sessions-as-you-wish option has turned into an even bigger bargain. Any month $65 is paid, you are welcome to come to tele-circles on Mondays, Tuesdays, and/or Wednesdays whenever you like (different start times each day) - - attending as many as 12+ in a month.

Breathing deeply together, with gratitude,

~ Dena