Sunday, December 19, 2010

Last-moment Meditation stocking stuffers? (WTW '67 classmate)

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Greetings Classmates,

(Many thanks to Dale Morgan for the idea of sharing this on the WTW blog.)

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dudley Wilson's Dad

Dudley's Dad, John Carrington Wilson, passed on November 6, 2010. When Dudley passed this information on to me, I was so touched by the words Dudley used that I want to place them in this post.

'My Dad died on November 6th, the first day of the Hilo moon in the Hawaiian calendar...Hilo means to bind or weave...Hilo is also the chief navigator, famous for migratory journeys that established settlement in Hawaii...this was made possible by charting the courses in accordance to the natural elements of the sun, moon, and stars...I believe that these elements that Hilo provides helped chart my Dad's journey on the you know, it is still a very sad but peaceful time...we brought his ashes back here and placed them to the left of the Langlang tree (very majestic and provides a bloom fragrance that is exotic and intoxicating)...upon my Mother's death, she will be placed on the right side of the Langlang wonderful and strange life is that we would be blessed to be able to do this.'

Dudley, my deepest condolences,

Sunday, December 5, 2010

W.T. Woodson Trivia

I got this WTW trivia from Mike Schmidle. I found it quite interesting so decided to share it with you.

The W.T. in W.T. Woodson stands for Wilbert Tucker. This is all according to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Wilbert Tucker Woodson High School, commonly known as W.T. Woodson High School, is a high school located in Fairfax County, Virginia, east of the city of Fairfax.

The school opened in 1962 and once was the largest school in the state. As of 2008, the student population is around 2,100. Woodson has the biggest campus in Fairfax County in size of area, and also houses Woodson Adult High School, a program designed to allow adults to earn their GEDs and HS diplomas. It was ranked #74 on Newsweek's Top 1000 U.S. High Schools in 2008. The school is named after Wilbert Tucker Woodson, superintendent of Fairfax County Public Schools from 1929 to 1961.

Robert Elliott, the school's principal, retired in late November 2007. The new principal is Jeff Yost, former Assistant Principal.


Mr. Emory Chelsey 1962-1965
Mr. Robert Phipps 1965-1968
Mr. William P. Ladson 1968-1972
Mr. Robert Phipps 1972-1981
Dr. James Wilson 1981-1986
Mr. Charles E. "Chuck" Billak 1986-1991
Dr. Gary Miller 1991-1999
Mr. Robert Elliot 1999-2007
Mr. Jeff Yost 2007-


Woodson began the process of renovating all of its facilities in 2005 and adding several classrooms. The project was paid for in bonds that were established in 2003 by a voter referendum. The issue of whether to renovate had been debated for several years before the plan was approved. Woodson was one of the oldest schools in Fairfax County Public Schools, as the main facilities (plumbing, heating/cooling, floors, electrical) were still fundamentally the same as they were when the structure was built. The renovations nearly doubled the square footage of the school.

Thanks, Mike, for sharing this info with us.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Beatles Music on iTunes

Sean Kennedy contacted me a couple of weeks ago with this interesting tidbit. He was on iTunes and noted that all of the Beatles music is now available in MP3 format. What Sean found to be the fun part was the 1964 Washington Coliseum concert the Beatles performed on February 11, 1964. Sean made this point because the Beatles portion of the concert lasts about 33 minutes, and when they play 'Twist and Shout' (about 5 minutes left in the concert), the cameras are panning the audience of screaming girls and Sean thinks our own WTW '67 Penny Viglione is caught on camera. Sean thought it might be fun to let Penny know that she's a star in the archive of the first American concert of the Beatles.

I have not yet watched, but I hope some of you take a look and see if that looks like Penny. And, Penny? Only you know the truth!