Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dudley Wilson's Dad

Dudley's Dad, John Carrington Wilson, passed on November 6, 2010. When Dudley passed this information on to me, I was so touched by the words Dudley used that I want to place them in this post.

'My Dad died on November 6th, the first day of the Hilo moon in the Hawaiian calendar...Hilo means to bind or weave...Hilo is also the chief navigator, famous for migratory journeys that established settlement in Hawaii...this was made possible by charting the courses in accordance to the natural elements of the sun, moon, and stars...I believe that these elements that Hilo provides helped chart my Dad's journey on the you know, it is still a very sad but peaceful time...we brought his ashes back here and placed them to the left of the Langlang tree (very majestic and provides a bloom fragrance that is exotic and intoxicating)...upon my Mother's death, she will be placed on the right side of the Langlang wonderful and strange life is that we would be blessed to be able to do this.'

Dudley, my deepest condolences,


Mike Rappaport said...

Sorry to hear it Dudley. My dad died about three years ago and I still miss him.

Barbara said...


I am so very sorry to hear about your dad's death. While my parents died some time ago, I still think of them often and am thankful for all that they did for me. I'm glad that you will have his remains close and that you have friends close to you to support you.