Thursday, April 17, 2008

Apparently some of you are ... lurking

I got a very nice e-mail the other day from another one of the golden goddesses I never had the nerve to speak to in high school.

Julie Conrad, who is now Julie True (what a great name!), wrote to me to let me know that she had seen my dad's obituary in the Washington Post Tuesday. Turns out it was a very nice article, and aside from wondering why my two married sisters kept their maiden names, there wasn't much in there that surprised me.

Julie, another of you who was very beautiful in high school (see the picture), told me she has been checking out my various blogs but hasn't gotten around to posting any comments anywhere. I believe she used the word "lurking."

Editor's note: Did all the girls in the senior class have to wear the same dress for the pictures?

Uh, yeah. They took turns. They had to burn the dress after they were through taking the pictures. Don't you have an Olsen Twins Fan Club newsletter to write?

Editor's note: Oops.

One thing I often do after one of you gets in touch with me is check you out on the Website. I looked up Julie, and I saw something that always makes me wonder. As with many of you, Julie True signed up for Classmates and then didn't answer any of the Q&A's or write anything about yourself.

I guess that's another form of lurking.

So this isn't aimed just at Julie, but at all of you. If you're visiting this site, post comments and let us know you're here. If you're on Classmates or, take advantage of the site and post interesting stuff about yourself.

But even if you don't, keep visiting.

You're always welcome here.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

when i first got online, i was heavily warned never to give out my real name or anything personal.

there is a very valid reason for that.
google and search engines make it easy for someone to find you !
not every one is honest or 'nice' to know is this world of today.

lurking is what the internet is all about.

just nan.