Friday, October 10, 2008

It has been a while, but we're back

I want to apologize for not giving you much of a reason to check in on this blog recently.

Most of my efforts have gone into "When I'm 64," which is moving along nicely. I do want to update you on what's happening there, but I also want you to know I'm going to try and post two or three times a week on other subjects so that we can rebuild our camaraderie.

Anyway, the book:

I couldn't be more fascinated than I have been with some of the places our class has been and things we have done. I have been working on chapters about Rande Barker, Lee Millette, Dudley Wilson and yes, even myself. I also am in the early stages of working on Darla Garber, Mike McCuddin and Bob Douthitt, as well as one on Dale Morgan and Judy Hart and another one on Mike Willis.

There are other fascinating stories I haven't gotten to yet, and more of you that I still hope to hear from. The book ultimately will have an introductory chapter and about two dozen chapters on people and their lives. I am aiming for a completed first draft by the end of 2008.

Some of you have promised to send in questionnaires and haven't yet. I have not given up on you.

Anyway, I'll keep you updated on this, but look for other posts as well.

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