Saturday, January 31, 2009

Some chapters are very interesting

Sorry I haven't been posting here lately. A lot has been happening in my life and I have been trying to chug along on "When I'm 64."

I recently finished a first draft of a chapter on Barbara Lanzer, the one member of our class who returned to Woodson as an administrator before being promoted last year.

I'm not posting her chapter yet -- she hasn't commented back on it -- and I don't know if I will, but the one very interesting thing I found in talking to people -- particularly guys -- about Barbara was that she was remembered as one of the really "hot" girls in our class.

Now I didn't know Bobbie in that way (actually I didn't know anyone in our class in that way), but I find myself wondering what "hot" meant in '66-67 compared to 10-15 years later.

I always liked the song "Good Girls Don't," by the Knack, which came out in 1979, but I have a feeling a girl didn't need to be that active in 1967 to be called "hot."

Maybe just kissing with something other than tightly pursed lips would have done it.

More soon.

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