Friday, December 28, 2007

A look at our blessings as 2007 ends

We are so blessed, blessed almost beyond imagination in the class of 1967.

We were born in an era of peace and tranquility and came of age in exciting, interesting times. We live in a country that often falls short of its ideals, but remains one of the safest, most prosperous societies in human history.

In the 40 years since we graduated, many of us have loved and lost, but others have stayed with each other and raised families. When I look at Dale Abrahamson and Susan Spell, or think about Steve Rust and Janet Thornton, I am filled with admiration for folks who knew their minds at a very young age and stayed with their choices through the good times and the rough ones.

Some of us have grandchildren already. My daughter and her husband are planning to have their first child in 2008, so God willing, I'll be joining the club sometime next fall.

I thought Nicole and I were doing really well to plan our retirement at 60, but boy, was I jealous to see how many of you have already called it quits.

Was it Browning who said, "Grow old with me, the best is yet to be," or was it some other poet?

My senior English teacher, Rachel Maguire, would be disappointed that I can't remember.

That's OK, I think all of us remember what really matters.

Love and friendship.


Anonymous said...

a little cyber place where i like to stop by
eric francis.
when i started reading him a few years ago, he was in paris.

life is not so black & white
lots of grey


Dale Morgan said...

I agree with you, Mike. We, as a class overall, have been so blessed. Just the fact that we were allowed to have a free education is a blessing which we take for granted in this country.

I am also continually in awe of how many of our classmates like Suzi Spell and Dale Abrahamson, Janet Thornton and Steve Rust knew what they wanted and grew with each other over the years instead of apart. There are many more classmates who met sometime in our WTW years and are still together. Raleigh Shreve and Don Orth for one. There are several more that are not coming to mind at the moment.

Here's to a wonderful, healthy 2008 to our class.

Dotty said...

People should read this.