Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Eve is highly overrated

I'm trying to remember if I ever had a truly memorable New Year's Eve.

Now some of you who knew me back in the day, which I believe was actually a Thursday, probably could ask yourself if I ever had a memorable night at any time of the year. Until my early 20s, when it came to social skills, I was riding the short bus.

I had my moments, though. I had a really spectacular Valentine's Day 1970, and a couple of Independence Days that weren't too bad. But I never remember anything all that great happening on New Year's Eve.

I suppose I probably enjoyed the Pleasures of the Harbor a few times -- I have been married, between two wives, for something like 20 different December 31sts. But I don't remember more than one or two when I was single, and those that stick in my memory are usually there because of social fiascos.

I've talked with friends and colleagues about the question, and a lot of them agree with me that New Year's Eve is highly overrated. People think they're supposed to have such a great time that they try too hard, and trying too hard rarely works out well in social situations.

Am I wrong?

Did everyone else have wild, wonderful times?

I'm curious.


Anonymous said...

For decades, I have felt that it is amateur night...and I still do...Dudley

Dale Morgan said...

Overrated is an understatement. I remember even in high school that if you did not have somewhere to go and someone to go with on New Year's Eve, it was like not going to your Prom. What hooey!!! It took me years to figure that out.

I now think of it as the last day of the year to ponder what has happened the past year and what I want to possibly accomplish the next year, or possibly do differently. I am happy to stay in ALL evening and spend it just like every other normal, peaceful evening. That's what we did last night with our dogs next to us, watching reruns of "Dexter." Real exciting!!!...but it was great.

Anonymous said...

my little town peoples, hold back a few of it's fireworks; so as to usher in a new year !
last night's show was loud and pretty !!
i spent it 'alone' with my cat and 2 son joined a few of his friends and they all blew their car horns.

anyway, this has got to be a better year.
a year to turn the tide some more.

i re-found his site just now; do click on his audio music to the left.


Sean said...

I agree with you. Growing up with all the pressure to get a date, go to dinner, find a place to was a disaster. Over time, New Year's celebration became quieter, saner. Smaller dinners with family and a few friends.

We spent this last one grabbing an early dinner near home, then watching a movie at home. It was great.

Dudley is right. New Year's was always an amateur night.

One day I have a great (embarrassingly funny) tale to tell you about a debutante ball I attended as an escort for a young lady. Wow, what a mistake that was!!

Dale Morgan said...

I want to hear your story, Sean!!!!

Mike - One of these days (when our blog traffic is back up to speed),let's open up a day for funny stories anyone might want to tell from high school or around that time. I think it would be great fun. I know I have my fair share, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

New Year's Eve celebrations are very overrated. After years of going to my share of parties etc.,
I found my favorite way to spend New Year's Eve is by reading a book that resonates with me. I sip Champaign, read, reflect, pet the cats.

There have been years when I have found "the book" months in advance and save it for New Year's Eve and there have been other years when no titles has caught my attention.

This year, a few days before New Year's Eve I heard an NPR interview with Lewis Hyde regarding the 25th anniversary edition of his book "The Gift: Creativity and the Artist in the Modern World" and knew it was what I wanted for my New Year celebration.

Elaine Harris

Sean said...

OK, Dale....

So, it's 1968 and I've been asked by a young lady to be an escort at a debutante ball at Fairfax Golf and Country Club. I go out, rent myself a tuxedo with white tie and tails. Very elegant looking.

Sadly, the pants " may " have been a bit too tight.

The limo arrives at my home, with the debutante inside. The driver comes out, opens the door for me, and as I get inside, I hear a " ripppp ". Not wanting to know precisely what I did, I waited to get to the Country Club when I could go into the men's room. I took off the pants, and I had ripped the seat seam, from the bottom of the crotch to the top of the belt.

Sadder still, the boxers I was wearing that evening had lots of large red hearts on them.

So, here I am throughout the evening, dancing all these dances with the young lady, escorting her from the stage, and the only thing protecting what was left of my dignity was the jacket that I was wearing and it's long split tails. And that was not much protection. I could not sit down all evening.

In the end, it was an ill-fated relationship, and it taught me that I was not cut out for high society gigs. I was definitely out of my element.

Added to the heartburn for that evening... my buddy Bob Fern was there that evening, and he reminded me of the story for many years.

It was funny as can be, but at the time it was a disaster.

Dale Morgan said...

Oh, Sean, that was great!!! Thanks for sharing. I'm with you...not meant for high society. I am just so much more comfortable with down to earth people who take me for who I am (or am not).

Your story reminded me of my ex-husband who was a trial attorney. He was in court pontificating about something or another when he heard a rip!!! He asked the Judge for a recess and had someone in the back room "stapel" his dress pants together. We had such a laugh that night (of course, it did not happen to me).

I still plan in the future (am leaving early in the AM for NY) to post a day for funny stories. This could prove less expensive than therapy, eh?

Anyway, Sean. Rip or no rip, you are the man!!!