Monday, May 19, 2008

All right, I have learned my lesson

I received a really nice e-mail today from another classmate of the female persuasion, someone who admits to being a "lurker" on the site since December.

I learned my lesson the last time I chastised someone for simply lurking and not participating, so this time I won't mention the name of the lovely lady who wrote to me. I'll just say that I looked her up in the yearbook -- I don't think I knew her in 1967 -- and maybe it's just that I have a thing for 17 year old girls, but she looked very pretty.

Editor's note: We're going to get in trouble if you keep heading down this direction ....

After all we went through with you and the Olsen Twins, you've got no right to complain.

Editor's note: All I said was that they were lovely young ladies.

Yeah, but they were 9 when you said it.

Anyway, I was very happy to hear from this particular classmate.

I hope to hear from a lot more of you.