Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A post from a former "lurker"

Editor's note: This was sent to me as an e-mail with permission to post it.

Dear Mike,

I need to come out of lurking to tell you how much I have enjoyed your blog. Last December I suddenly realized that it had been 40 years since our graduation and “googled” Woodson 1967. Sure enough, there was a reunion with pictures posted on the web and a wonderful blog,
your blog.

What fun it has been to recapture all the memories with your help….although there are many I wish to forget. Your blogs have been thought provoking and have shown how much we’ve grown and matured. They’ve made us wonder why we did things and why we didn’t.

Your blog in April about how cruel kids can be really hit home with me. I remember the classmate you wrote about who was the “most abused of the class.” He’s still on my conscience. He was on my bus and I remember how he had trouble finding a vacant seat. He tried, he really tried to be accepted. He always had a smile on his face and a kind word, but we shunned him. How could we be so mean?

Since graduating, I’ve lived all over this country – from East Coast to West Coast and some in the middle. I’ve always had a excuse not to attend a reunion – too far away, no time, “why would I want to do that?”, etc. Sounds like you had many of the same until this year. How lucky for us, you decided to attend.

Thanks to Gail and her camera, I enjoyed pictures from the reunion. We’re still a good-looking bunch. And has Carol Pallesen aged a day??? I don’t think so. What’s her secret? Is it for sale? And Mike Willis is a movie star? Didn’t we all hope to be? How did he do it?? And Mike, you were one those “really cute guys.” If you hadn’t had your eyes on those beautiful baton-twirling Cavalettes (is that what they were called?), maybe one of us would have had a chance. So sad! I’m sorry to say, I never knew Dale, but I wish I had. Many thanks to you, Dale, and Gail for bringing us closer and celebrating our bond.

Vicki Wetherington Hoffmann


Dale Morgan said...

Hey, Vicki. I remember you very well, but you are right that we did not really know each other. I regret it, also.

If I don't already have an email address for you, send it to me and I will add you to the WTW 1967 elist.

Glad you're online now.

Gail Schultz MacLeod said...

Hi Vicki

Glad you enjoyed the photos. I was talking to Carol Pallesen on the phone yesterday (she's in Reno and I'm in VA). She doesn't have a computer. I'll pass your comments on to her. She'll be thrilled with your observations about her youthful looks.

I know what you mean about being mean. It must be part of high school mentality. I hope that fellow on your bus finally found a niche and is happy today.


Vicki said...

Hi Gail!

I did enjoy your pictures. Particularly enjoyed the photo of you, Ellen and Carol at the game – the ole lunch crowd.

Next time you talk to Carol, please send her my greetings. Our parents have exchanged Christmas cards for many years, so I've heard that she was in Reno. In fact, we were traveling through Reno last summer and I had hoped to have the chance to look her up, but the timing wasn’t right. And where is Ellen? Send me an email if you’d rather not post here.

I read somewhere on this blog that you are back in Virginia. I haven’t lived in Virginia since ’69, but I return regularly for family visits.

Unfortunately, the young man I wrote about here, died as a result of a car accident when he was in his early 20s. I believe the information is on this blog. We have a number of classmates whose lives were lost much too soon.

On a happier note…it’s great to see you here.