Thursday, June 4, 2009

Forty years now since Woodstock

When you talk about our g-g-generation, one of the biggest things that ever happened was Woodstock.

Four hundred thousand people and three days of "peace, love and music" in August 1969. Who can forget it?

I remember that fall, registering for classes at George Washington University, talking with a couple of people who had been there. Even then, I knew it was going to be remembered as one of those legendary things.

Didn't make it myself. I was in New York City a day or two before the festival, and the thought crossed my mind of hitch-hiking up there and going. But I wasn't that kind of kid; I was a very immature 19 and my parents would have been horrified.

I know two members of our class who went -- Jayne Houghten and Tony Barile. I know one other -- Lee Millette -- who had wanted to go but his dad talked him out of it because he might have trouble getting back for work on Monday.

It has been 40 years now, so all the statutes of limitations are past. I'd love to hear some Woodstock stories in the comments section.

Feel free.

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