Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Let's get this site rolling again

I really want to get this site going again, and I'm going to need some suggestions.

I can post from time to time, but since I'm not really in close contact with a lot of you, when I do that I end up writing about myself. I can tell you I'm a more interesting subject than I was in high school, but you definitely don't want to be reading about me and my family all the time.

Besides, I have other blogs for that.

I would love for the lovely and vivacious Dale Morgan -- the mother of our country -- to use this site for the e-mail info bursts we get from her from time to time, but I suppose I could just as easily cut and paste those e-mails into this site when I get them from her.

But Mike, you're way too lazy for that.

Unfortunately, there's more than a grain of truth in that. Why else would it have taken me three years to get "When I'm 64" close to the point where it's finished and ready to go out to publishers.

Anybody know a good publisher?

Or even a not-so-good one?

My big accomplishment this year has been getting my weight and my health back under control. When I attended the class reunion in the fall of 2007, I weighed about 235 pounds. Earlier this year, I had ballooned up to 280 and my blood pressure was becoming a real problem.

Me, left, in the fall of 2007, with my wife Nicole and Mike Willis.
So I decided I needed to do something if I wanted to see my baby granddaughter grow up.

I went to a fitness ranch in Texas for 11 weeks -- one good thing about being unemployed is that you can go lots of places -- and dropped nearly 65 pounds.

Then I came home and kept the diet and exercise regimen up. As of this morning, I weighed 168 pounds, which is three pounds more than I weighed as a senior in high school.

Me today -- 168 pounds
 My blood pressure is back to normal and I'm feeling really good physically for the first time in more than 20 years.

That's it, though. Except for the fact that we're moving to Georgia at the end of this month, that's all I have that's interesting.

The ball's in your court.


Anonymous said...

Yes let's.... I read it all the time!! Every chapter.... R

Catherine said...

Congratulations on your perserverance path to better health. Have to admit I did not recognize your photos but I like the leaner look. so my big question is: what did you do in this, or a previous, life to require a move to Georgia? Nice places to visit there, but I wouldn't want to l....
inquiring mind wants to know.
~cathy wilkins ring

Darla said...

Mike you look Great! Congratulations. I miss talking with you. Not real happy with facebook so I seldom visit it. Also having problems with computer. Keep in touch with email.

Dale Morgan said...

Anyone who has ever visited St. Simons Island, GA, one of the Golden Isles or Augusta knows that Georgia is a great place to live. And Atlanta is like the DC Metroplitan area only with better weather. You'll enjoy it there, Mike. Dale