Sunday, November 21, 2010

Some very sad news

Tom Jones' wife, Jeannette, passed on Friday, November 12, with family by her side only 4 & 1/2 months after her first symptoms and diagnosis of cancer. Tom told me that her strength, dignity and calm through the whole process and to the very end was incredible. He said she was Jeannette to the end--strong, selfless, and loving.

I had the pleasure of knowing Jeannette and I liked her the minute I met her years ago. Jeannette was so genuine and down to earth; and I found myself talking & opening up to her as if we had gone to school together and had been best friends. Through these last 4 & 1/2 months, Jeannette was always thinking of other people. Even when she barely had any energy, Jeannette always posted what was happening to her on CaringBridge. I have been following her updates on CaringBridge and her sense of humor never faltered.

Tom and Jeannette's family are having a celebration of Jeannette's life December 11 in Richmond.


Dale Morgan said...

Last night, several of our classmates represented WTW 67 at Jeannette's Celebration of Life in Richmond, VA (Bob Withers, Randy McDaniel, Butch Fagot, Fred Ullman, Bobbie Lanzer, Steve DiAntonio, Vic Allen, and I). Steve gave a truly heartfelt remembrance and represented our class in a very touching way. Tom was strong throughout the evening and yet gave such a personal remembrance of Jeannette that it brought tears to everyone's eyes. It was a beautiful and bittersweet evening.

I already knew what a wonderful person Jeannette was, but there were people all over the world who came to say their goodbyes and their personal thank-yous to Jeannette. She was a beautiful and incredible human being. She will be missed.

Anonymous said...

Thank WTW classmates for being there. And thank you Dale for sending me an address so I could send Tom a card...
Susan Morales-Kosinec