Thursday, October 25, 2007

Another one of Gail's great pictures

Damn, I wish I had gone to that football game.

I see Bill, Darla, Carol and a bunch of other people I either don't know or can't make out. They seem to be having a lot more fun Friday night than I had reading "Who Stole the Funny?"

By the way, it's a pretty good book. Who would have thought Robby Benson could write?

Thanks, Gail.

More to come.


Dale Morgan said...

I can also see in that picture, Bob Withers, Bobbie Lanzer, Jennifer Cornelson, Dennis Hunsberger, me, Cathy Ring, Janice Hoffman, Butch Fagot, Hap Hodges, vic Allen and Randy McDaniel. Thanks, Gail!

Cynthia said...

Mike, I knew Mike Sullivan and he was such a great & nice person and always VERY funny. I think of him and miss him so much!

I am trying to reach the Olivario's. It was so great seeing them on Saturday night.

I have misplaced their phone number and e-mail address? Does anyone out there have this info?

Many thanks, Cindy Tallia

Dale Morgan said...

Cindy - I've got it, but do not want to publish it on this Blog without permission so email me directly for it: