Wednesday, October 24, 2007

There were funny moments, too

I wonder how many of you remember our Class Night.

I know a number of you listed Coach Paul "Red" Jenkins as one of the teachers who had a big effect on them, and he was our faculty advisor our junior year.

Now I spent 16 years as a sports reporter, the first two of them at the old Alexandria Gazette, and I remember that other coaches felt Red's flaw was that he got overly emotional during games.

Do you recall that when he came out and spoke to us on Class Night, talking about what an honor it had been to work with us, he broke down a little and started crying? And that then he asked for a moment to collect himself and he walked off stage?

With Coach Jenkins out of sight behind the curtain, someone popped a paper bag and someone in the audience -- I always thought it was Mike Willis, but maybe not -- said in a solemn voice, "Coach Jenkins has just committed suicide."

I remember most of the guys laughed their heads off and most of the girls tried to get them to hush.

It may have been the single funniest moment at Woodson in 1967.


Dale Morgan said...

Did not see Red Jenkins at this reunion. I cannot remember the last time he missed one of ours. I hope there is no reason to worry. Any ideas?

Mike Rappaport said...

Omigosh, Dale. I didn't realize he had become a Class of '67 icon.

It was funny, though.