Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The first in a series of images

These photos, presented for your edification, are courtesy of the ever lovely Gail MacLeod. We'll put one a day in for a while.

Forgive me for the lack of captions. I didn't make it to the football game Friday night.

More tomorrow


Dale Morgan said...

The Friday night game...what's changed for me...?...I would not have been caught dead sitting in drizzle back then (way too prissy). What hasn't changed...?...I ran my mouth the entire time. If you look closely, I am sitting behind Jennifer Cornelson; the picture is teeny but pretty much all you can see is my usual. Dennis Hunsberger caught on about half way through and poked me when it was time to clap.

That was a fun night and I thank Gail Schultz Macleod for sharing them. I will look forward each day seeing more.

Thanks, Mike. You are making the fun continue...

Dale Morgan

Dale Morgan said...

Those I can see in this picture, in no particular order, are Rande Barker, Joani Ansheles, Stacy Delano, Bryn Irving, Bragg Stanley, Steve DiAntonio, Helen Roberts, Marna Podonsky, Judy Hart, me, Jennifer Cornelson, Butch Fagot, Bobbie Lanzer, Dennis Hunsburger, and Cathy Ring.