Saturday, October 27, 2007

It's wonderful to get to live your dream

Mike Willis told me he wasn't our Class Clown, even though I had thought he was.

That's all right, though. I'm sure there are plenty of you who got to live your dream, but most of us probably weren't as visible as he has been. Even though I'm going to have to watch them again to see him, Mike has been in all sorts of movies and television shows I've seen and enjoyed.

Jeez, he was even in Cecil B. Demented, that great John Waters movie in which Melanie Griffith got to go even more over the top than she usually does.

"I am ready for my closeup, Mr. Demented."

I certainly hope those of you who still live in the Washington, D.C., area have made it downtown to see at least one of his performances with the Woolly Mammoth theatre company. I haven't, but I've got an excuse. I live in California.

Plenty of people don't like being in front of an audience, but I think it's one of the biggest rushes there is. I only did a little acting myself -- at the community theatre and college level -- but I've been on television a couple of times and I know how Mike must feel.

If you didn't know it before, check him out in movies like "Tin Men," "Pushing Tin, "Men in Black" and others.

Mike Willis was a great guy in high school and I couldn't be happier that he's getting to live his dream as a working actor.

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Dale Morgan said...

I am renting all those movies, too. I can't wait to see our very own, Mike Willis!! I knew Mike was a very successful actor, but never had any advance notice to know when to watch. Mike, could you start letting us know in advance