Saturday, November 3, 2007

Another picture -- and a poll question

A lot of backs in this picture.

Five of you answered my Halloween poll, but now I'm going to post a new, more serious one.

Remember, you will be completely anonymous in your answers, but I hope more of you will take the time to answer this one.

I've talked with my kids about how things were different when I was in high school, and I don't expect comments on this (although you're welcome to use "Anonymous if you want), but I would like a simple yes or no answer to the poll question.

Look to the right for it.


Dale Morgan said...

I see fronts: Stacy Delano, Bill Thomas of St. Croix, & Sean Kennedy

Backs: Bryn Irving and her husband.

Anonymous said...

sex was private then, and now.
what does having sex as a teen have to do with anything ?
why didn't you ask if we had ever been sexually abused pre-teen ?
that may shape one's personality and affect future relationships.


Mike Rappaport said...

I agree that it's private, Nan. That's why I only put it in the form of an anonymous question.

I accept the fact that there was sexual abuse, then and now, but I would never ask anyone to share that if they didn't want to.

What motivates me in this is that I really do believe times were different then. By the mid 70s, when I was managing a place where kids in high school worked, I was amazed by how many of them had been active since 14 or 15.

I'm convinced most of us weren't.

Sorry if any of this offended you.

Anonymous said...

mike, of course life was different then.
i am currently raising my 17 year old son, as a single mom.
the kids today have the internet, cell phones, cars, jobs, more school opportunities and peer groups available.
i still do not see what sex has to do with then and now ?
it is also known that soy and environmental toxins have created earlier puberty.
there have always been perverts who prey on young for their sex kicks. i like to surf at trekearth/gallery & a photographer from india posted a photo of a naked child around the age of 2; involved already with a sex slave trade ?!
maybe, today, we will resolve the issue of sex being imposed on minors.
there is as much right/wrong today, as there was back when we were teens.


Dena said...

A lot of my favorite moments at Woodson were in Miss Watkins' English class. Some of us had the immense good fortune to have her two consecutive years. She had a skill for connecting with us as if we were adults. And she shared the occasional hilarous story in the midst of imparting required material. Maybe another day I'll tell the one story of hers that still brings a chuckle.

~ Dena Ward Clayton

Dale Morgan said...

Dena - I wish you'd tell that story now; speaking for myself, I am curious.