Saturday, November 17, 2007

If I don't post this one, I know Dena will

Most of these pictures have been coming courtesy of Dena Clayton, who actually could be posting them herself but hasn't figured out how.

I've been using my Microsoft Picture It software to frame them properly and add highlights so that we're getting a little more than old yearbook pages.

As for this picture ...

It's amazing how many people have looked at this picture and laughed, but the irony of it all is that I was really proud of it.

Sure I looked like the ultimate doofus with my mouth hanging wide open, but take a look at how high my feet were above the horse.

I really cleared that baby. These days, I'd probably pull a hamstring
just running up to it.


Dena said...

O.K., you beat me to it, Mike.

Hey, I'd say the guy behind you looks appropriately impressed - notice his stance and facial expression.

They're probably all thinking, "Holy guacamole, we can't vault that high!"

~ Dena

Dale Morgan said...

I think that guys behind you with the astonished grin might be Pete Jensen.

I think it is a cool picture and I don't think your grin looks funny at all; just determined. I love it!

I probably would need a firm push to even get on the bar. Geez! What we used to be able to do. I can't remember exactly when everything stiffened up, but I think it's been in the last 10 years.

Sean Kennedy said...

Mike, I was trying to recall. When we used that vaulting horse in gym, wasn't there some type of spring board that we jumped on. I always liked that equipment, and the parallel bars.

It is certain from the picture that you were serious about clearing the handles on that horse. Good thing. Coming up short was a killer.

Anonymous said...

didn't we have gym equipment fit for any olympic hopeful ??
i remember, they put in an indoor swimming pool. did any of our class get to use it, though ??