Friday, November 9, 2007

More About Our Senior Yearbook 23 entries which is pretty good feedback. Most of you still have your yearbooks, at least based on the 23 entries. But I received enough feedback from the Blog plus a few personal emails to make my decision. I have some funds left over from previous reunions and I am going to get our senior yearbook online. Let's see how this goes and maybe we can do the same thing with the freshmen, sophomore, and junior yearbooks. I am paying to have it shipped and scanned because I do not have a scanner at my house. Let's see if this goes smoothly and perhaps someone can offer to scan in the other yearbooks. If we send this company the pages already scanned in, it is free (so they say....).

This is going to be on my back burner for right now due to the upcoming holidays, but anyone who knows me, knows I will get it done as soon as I can. At that time, I'll let you all know.

Have a good weekend!


Mike Rappaport said...

That's wonderful, Dale.

I hope you're doing the whole book. The teachers, the underclassmen and the clubs are all part of our experience.

Anonymous said...

That's terrific--thank you. Please don't hesitate to ask if you need more funding for the task.
John Lodge

Dale Morgan said...

Yes, Mike, according to this company, they will scan in the entire book and try to leave out only the "at the time" romantic, cryptic, stupid, and otherwise writings of my boyfriend and other classmates. I certainly would not want to incriminate anyone 40 years after the fact...(is there a statute of limitations in this circumstance?).

And, John, thank you for offering for the funding. I appreciate that. This one is from our class fund. If it works out with no problem, then we can look at doing the other 3 books and perhaps by then, I will have someone nearby come up with offering to do the scanning.

I will contact the company this week to be sure I know exactly how to proceed.

Helen Roberts said...

This is a great idea!

How about also scanning in the current address/phone and email lists from the reunion blue book?

That would help us keep in touch with each other and also update/verify the WTW '67 rolodex.

Carol (Witaschek) Beaupre said...

Great idea - as always Dale! I think the statute of limitations for comments in your book has long since expired! They may even be more fun than the yearbook!!

I finally got my act together and joined the blogging! First time for everything, huh?

Dale Morgan said...

Carol - when you log on again, go to the comment about which teachers you remember. Do you remember sitting next to me in Mrs. Keever's art class? Remember that poem you and I jointly wrote that we could not turn in? Instead of our assignment which was to write or find a short poem and illustrate it in the form of a small book, we sickos wrote another version of 'Mary Had a Little Lamb." You were so much fun in that class, Carol!!