Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Truly the best family holiday of all

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, the most uniquely American of all holidays and the one of which I have the fewest memories from youth.

For some reason, I remember 1974, a big family gathering in Columbus, Ohio. I remember being absolutely certain the Redskins would finish their victory over Dallas -- Staubach had been knocked out of the game -- and then Clint Longley came off the bench and threw that long, last-minute touchdown.

Driving back to Virginia that Sunday, we got stuck in a snowstorm and my fiancee and I wound up trapped in Breezewood, Pa., for two days.

Today I've got family in Virginia and Ohio, my lovely daughter and her husband in Beijing and my son, his girlfriend and my wife with me here in California. Life is good.

The picture is the last of those from Dena, and it isn't a member of our class. Cheryl Newman was a freshman cheerleader in 1966-67, but this picture says more about the exuberance and the sheer happiness of being young than any picture I've got.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Jone Pascoe said...

I agree with you. Thanksgiving is a great way to reconnect with family and friends. My most memorable thanksgivings were spent with my x-laws. We always had thanksgiving with Don's family, watched football, played bocce ball and ate too much GREAT food! Today will find Lorenzo and me enjoying the company of good friends in Gainesville while my daughter in Virginia spends it with her in-laws in Pennsylvania.

I hope all of you have a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

happy turkey day, everyone !

nan from burke lake road.

sean kennedy said...

This is a special day for our family. A year ago our son spent the day in a fire fight in Ramadi, and for us at home, it was just a blue day. Today, he's home and with us for the day. Our daughter and granddaughter arrive from Pittsburgh shortly, and my sister will be arriving in an hour.

As a family today will take on special significance. We could not be more thankful that we can all be together again.

Here's wishing everyone a terrific day with family and friends.

Dale Morgan said...

It truly is a day to be thankful for you, Sean. What a gift to have your son back safe and sound. My personal thanks to him for all he did while there.

I spent Thanksgiving out at my brother's in Little Washington, VA on top of Wolf Mountain. My niece greeted me wearing my 9th grade "Cloverdale Tigers" jacket. I thought my Mom had gotten rid of it years ago. I was so pleased to see it is put to good use (couldn't wear it after moving here!!!). I told my niece that I had spoken of Cloverdale on our high school Blog just this past week for the first time in many, many years. What a coincidence I thought.