Sunday, November 4, 2007

Now for a true blast from the past

All right, people.

We've been enjoying all these pictures of ourselves in the present. Now we're going to start giving you something different.

Something older.

Something from June 1967.

Over the next few days, enjoy these pictures and comment on whatever memories they bring back.

You can't all be in the CIA or the Witness Protection Program. Some of you need to start commenting.


Jone Pascoe said...

Mike, remember when you didn't want us to say graduation was our best day. I would have said it my worse day as my parents showed up without a camera. I never had one picture from that day. It wouldn't have been so bad but my dad was a professional. He just remember that when my sister graduated he could take pictures after the fact. However, we turned in our gowns and I never had a picture. Funny the things that you think are so important. I could care less now if I had a picture of me in my cap and gown. I'd much rather have my parents around to talk to.
I will enjoy seeing your pictures to remember the day. Jonee

Dale Morgan said...

I was on top of the world that day. As much as I enjoyed high school and the few friends I had back then, I was very uncomfortable in class situations about being called upon -- major stage fright. The day we graduated, I felt like I had jumped my first big hurtle. Plus, I was nuts about my boyfriend at the time and all in the world was good for me.

Jonee - just the opposite on the pictures at my house. My parents did not take pictures often, but got a few of me in my cap and gown and of me and boyfriend in cap and gown (don't think his parents got pictures either).

Agree also with you -- would give those pictures up in a heartbeat to have both parents back with me.

Sally Lloyd Lyberger said...

Dale and Jone, You are both so right. The pictures now are meaningless. Why didn't I have someone take pictures of me WITH my Mom and Dad? Big deal, I now have a picture of myself - they were the ones that day mattered most to - not me. It would mean so much to be able to talk to them about how I feel now about all they did for me. Thanks for putting that into words for me.
Sally Lloyd Lyberger