Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Where in the heck did I leave my car?

The last of the pictures I received from Gene Bacon via Dale, and I've got to admit I'm wondering about this one.

I showed it to my 22-year-old son and his response was simple.


Probably a fairly good caption for the picture.

"Why is there air?" "What's the meaning of life?" "Where in the heck did I leave my car?"

Actually, if that picture had been of me, the caption would have been simpler.



Dale Morgan said...

Look into the light...!

Sean Kennedy said...

Alright!! Enough with the pictures already.

The caption: Bugger Off You Wanker....

The Brits have such a way with the English language.

Dena said...

Sean, weren't you and Steve Farmer in German I together? It would have been Steve's junior and your and my sophomore year. Herr Bolt taught it. You mentioned German when you signed my yearbook. And Steve wrote something nearly scandalous! Is he still a big flirt? (Thank you both for writing your whole names, BTW.)

~ Dena Ward Clayton

sean kennedy said...

Dena, you have a terrific memory. The three of us had Herr Bolt for German I. Also, I think we joined the German Club. If I'm not mistaken, Herr Bolt joined the Peace Corps and was assigned to Chile or Columbia. I'm not 100%sure of that

During our WTW days Steve would come by the house and he would tell my folks we were studying German together. He would come upstairs, pull out a deck of cards, and play poker. I don't recall any German discussions. I always lost to him as well. I never understood how he knew when I had money? Uncanny, really.

He graduated in 1966, graduated from VCU in 1973, I think. He was a high school English teacher for a while, then went to the GMU Law School and became an attorney. He's been an attorney in Occoquan for years. He lives on a piece of land near Nokesville.

Steve was a flirt then, and that has not changed! He's a hoot!!