Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Another picture of two real beauties

When I was in symphonic and marching band in high school, I thought the loveliest girls in the school were in the Baton Corps.

Not to slight any of our cheerleaders -- or any of the other beautiful girls of the '60s -- but coming into contact with the majorettes day after day gave me an appreciation for them.

Joan Ansheles sent me a picture of herself and Rande Barker -- two former twirlers -- on reunion weekend, and all I can say is that both of you look wonderful for 40 years after graduation.

Much more like the Class of '77 or even '87. I'm not even sure these women were born when we graduated.

More pictures from any of you will be greatly appreciated.

Kids, grandkids and pets, too. Although go easy on the pets.

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Dale Morgan said...

That is an adorable picture. I agree; must be WTW Class of 87.