Tuesday, November 13, 2007

So this guy has got to be Gene, I guess

More of the Bacon pictures.

Since this was the only one with one person in it, I figure it has to be the guy who sent them in. He actually looks pretty good for a guy even older than we are.

You may have heard of the game, "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon," that people play on the Internet.

Should we consider "Six Degrees of Gene Bacon?"

Thanks for the pictures, Gene. Sorry to abuse you, but it's all in the spirit of fun.


Eugene said...

Nope, that is Sean Kennedy...all the ladies used to rant and rave about him! LOL

Eugene said...

Nah, not me..that is Sean Kennedy...all the ladies used to rant and rave about him..lol

Eugene said...

On the left is Sean again...on the right in the back is Bob Fern..the dude with the beard is Bruce Russel...

The parital head full of grey hair belongs to Steve Farmer..

None of me guys..I am taking the pictures..

Mike has a couple more that he might post that will include me and Dennis Wilson outside the tavern.

There are about a dozen of us that meet once a month for lunch to tell lies and drink a few beers..lol


Dale Morgan said...

The ladies still rant and rave about Sean!!!

Eugene said...

One of the nicest and most decent guys you could ever know....to this day I consider him one of my best friends...hard to believe but we go back over 40 years and have never had harsh word between us...now he is a Dem and a liberal but I forgive him! LOL

Sean Kennedy said...

Well, I should jump in here for a second.

Gene and I have known each other since I was a sophomore at WTW. He was the cool guy who was in Alpha Zeta fraternity, dated Julie Lindenmyer, and drove a very cool 1960 MGA. I was lucky to bum a ride to school from him.

He and I have done alot together over the years, some of which I would be just a bit reluctant to recount here. Lets just say that we were not always Saints.

A large group of us who grew up in Kings Park have remained in the area, and remain good friends to this very day. We have raised families, had multiple marriages, jobs, good and bad times, and had meaningful careers where we have made a difference in the lives of some. We continue to learn, laugh alot, tease each other alot, and are blessed that we are still vertical.

As for Dale Morgan, as you know Mike, she was one of those great beauties that populated WTW, and was largely not someone most of us could ever aspire to date. As the years have progressed, and the reunions have provided me a chance to talk to Dale, I have learned that she is as pretty inside as she is outwardly. Were it not for her efforts we would not have these reunions, and I'll be forever grateful to her for taking the initiative and pulling us all together. She is a remarkably giving individual, and I am fortunate to know her.

As for my old pal, Gene, what can you say about someone you have known these many years. A good, giving soul with a great sense of humor, combined with a bit of mischief. He's a very good friend. His politics are screwed, but I guess it's my job to help him recover from the Hologram that is his political affiliation.

Carol (Witaschek) Beaupre said...

Oh yeah - lots of ranting and raving! Never said anything until one of the reunions (when the shy factor seemed to melt away with the "gravity attack!")

I had a crush on all the Kings Park guys! locality, locality, locality!