Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Even the legends are starting to show up

All right, the lighting isn't great in this one, but here's more of an up close and personal view -- definitely no cell phones -- from graduation.

You can tell it's '67 from the guys' haircuts.

An amazing day on the site. More than 100 different visitors and more than 200 page views -- far and away our best day yet.

Even some of the legends of our class like SG President Bob Douthitt are commenting now.

This site's taking off, folks.


Dale Morgan said...

Alright...step up and name yourselves in this picture.

Colleen Haney Morgan said...

I guess I should get in on this since the graduation photos were mine. I sent them to Dale for the reunion. I'm the 1st girl on the left with the dark hair and Jane Harding is behind me. The rest of the people must be "H's" as well.