Saturday, November 3, 2007

Sometimes someone else has a good point

Nan, I withdraw the poll question.

I think a better question -- and someday we may try dealing with it -- is why our kids are growing up so fast these days.

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Anonymous said...

thanks, mike !
well; you DID manage to get me all riled up about it !
my son asked me why it bothered me...i do notice that teens today speak their minds easier than i ever did to older adults.
that is good, too.
life is 'better' today.
communication is how we move forward.
i guess i post my own ideas, due to me being a part of a few conspiracy message forums...and where we bump heads often.
he he.
take care, mike.
i hope this blog gets a few more users for you !
[sometimes located at godlikeproductions fringe forum!]