Friday, November 16, 2007

These days, we might as well not exist

Remember when it was all about us?

We were the Pepsi generation, those who thought young, the ones folks selling everything from soda pop to fast cars wanted to reach. We were the pig in the snake, as some have described it, the big bump in population traveling from crayons to caskets.

In a "Doonesbury" some years back, Garry Trudeau poked fun at the Baby Boomers by saying it would be obvious when we were starting to die because USA Today would be running articles about the hot new funeral homes.

All right now. When was the last time you felt an advertiser was trying to sell his product to you? If you're a member of the Class of 1967, it was probably about four years ago, unless the product was pharmaceuticals, denture creams or adult diapers.

You see, the coveted demographic advertisers are seeking is called 18-54, meaning that if you're under 18 or over 54, you're not their audience. It's a little short-sighted at both ends of the spectrum, especially since those 55 and older have more money these days than any other segment of society.

I asked a friend in advertising about that contradiction, and her response was that even though older people spend money, their buying habits tend to be well established.

Now I don't know if all that's true. Some of us may have had fathers who always bought Chevrolets or Zenith television sets, but I've never bought the same kind of car twice in a row in my life.

I'm not buying denture cream, and I don't think I've ever asked my doctor for a different drug than the ones he prescribed. As for Depends, I wouldn't tell you if I were buying them.

But isn't it weird to not exist?

Isn't it weird to be ignored by advertisers?

I don't know about you, but I bought my first iPod after my 55th birthday. I don't think all my habits are set in stone just yet.

I still don't care for Pepsi.

Never did.

I'm a Dr. Pepper man.


Anonymous said...

those over age 55, have more money than most others ????????????????????

really ??????????????????

i must be living in another realiy.

living atop hill street
bonne terre

Mike Rappaport said...

Sadly, it's true. It's the first time in American history that the older generation is the best off.

Medicare has a lot to do with it.

Dena said...

Nan, I'm with you. I aspire to live in the specified monied reality.

Mike, puh-LEASE take the Depends' ad off the post! Put Dr. Pepper - or a Hershey bar - or almost anything else!

~ Dena

Anonymous said...

in re-thinking, i know my ex hubby does have an enormous fund saved for his retirement.
thanks to my lawyer, for making sure i got a small piece of his pie.
now, to figure out ways to make money til i drop.
i think i read, where the biggest new population?, are single women over 50.
and we aint rich.
but, we certainly are free and prefer our spirituality over money any day !