Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Where Were You That Day?

This is the month President John F. Kennedy was shot. It was1963; our freshmen year.

Where were each of you on that never to be forgotten day?


Mike Rappaport said...

We went to school until 3:30 in those days, and we had just started the last period when they announced that the president had been shot.

I was in Earth Science -- Mrs. Banks -- when they announced it. It had happened an hour ago, and although we didn't know it yet, JFK had been dead for about 40 minutes.

Fifteen or 20 minutes later, they announced that President Kennedy was dead.

Dale Morgan said...

I was in Montgomery, Alabama in Cloverdale Junior High School. I was in my afternoon gym class with Judy Hart (yes, the same cutie who went to Woodson later). It was very upsetting as a lot of the home grown classmates were laughing and saying he deserved it. Judy and I were crying and so were a lot of the other ladies in our class who were military brats not from the area. When I arrived home, I ran out to boo hoo to my Mom who was at the fence talking to a home-grown Montgomery lady who lived next door. Miss Vivian, as she liked to be called, hugged me and apologized for the behavior of the other children in the class. Miss Vivian's oldest son later became a news anchor in DC for the White House - Jim Stewart.

And Judy Hart's folks and my folks moved all those miles away to this vast area and we landed across the street from each other----my saving grace.

Mike Rappaport said...

Dale, your friendship with Judy sounds like a really wonderful story for you.

Jone Pascoe said...

I was in Mrs. Seek’s algebra class, when the announcement was made, everyone was stunned. As the events unfolded, I remember feeling that was one of the darkest weeks of my life. Until then the television TV had really just been a source of entertainment but it all changed that day. I really just remember the somberness.

Jone Pascoe said...
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Dena said...

All I remember is sitting on the school bus, staring into negative space. I was feeling a combination of numb and scared and like my heart was gone. The bus was still in the school lot, probably loading.

It is strange having no memory of the announcement or of where I was.

Dale, thanks for asking this question.

Mike Rappaport said...

Some sites delete comments for content. I didn't realize when I deleted one of the posts here that it would say it had been deleted.

The only reason I took it out was because the same exact post had been made twice.

I won't censor anybody.

Anonymous said...

It was early morning and I was on my way to Honolulu to get my driving permit...We could drive at 15 and my birthday was two days earlier...The radio announced that he had been shot in Dallas...Half way through the written test a policeman came into the room and told us he had died...That news didn't prevent me from getting my permit...When I returned to Kailua HS, there was a service in the common area for him...Seems like yesterday...Dudley

Gail Schultz MacLeod said...

I was in Home Economics class cooking something. I remember feeling devastated by it all. Seemed unreal and impossible.

Other times that time stood still in my memory: Moon landing, space shuttle disaster and 9-11.