Monday, November 5, 2007

Those were the days, my friends

I don't know if it's possible to make out individuals in this picture, but boy, was that a long line.

Another in a series of snapshots from our graduation.

More to come.


Anonymous said...

That can't be our graduating class. The short gal on the left side of the photo appears to be holding a cell phone to her ear ... and I'm quite certain cell phones did not exist in 1967. - Debbie Averill Le Van

Eugene said...

Mike, great shots all...sorry I missed the gathering...out of town tending to a parent..but hell, I am lazy and not sure I would have made it anyway...

I do see more than a few of the old gang from that time frame...mostly the guys but a few of the ladies too..

Let me work on it and I will post a few of the pictures that I have from a group of us that meet once a month for a luncheon..

My best to all here...those were good times...for sure..

Gene Bacon

Mike Rappaport said...

I think she's just touching her hair.

Gail Schultz MacLeod said...

Graduation night == anyone remember how I rear ended a car out in front of the school? It was at the peak of the hill as the cars were backed up turning into the parking lot. I had a fat lip for the graduation and the party afterwards. Had to go to the police station after graduation and before the party.


Mike Rappaport said...

Gail, you were such a wild girl.

Dale Morgan said...

How many went to the beach that night? My parents would not allow me to go. I was so upset with them, but I know in hind sight that they made the right choice--I know for sure I would have done something I shouldn't. They were about to pull their last hairs out when they dropped me off at college end of that summer (and I know they each sighed a big breath of relief).

Jennifer said...

It sure was a fun weekend - some of us started out with an old fashioned "sleep over" at my house - just like the old days - Kathy Reichel (Katie Dyer now), Georganne Fletcher (Honeycutt) and Bryn Irving (Roth). We had a ball catching up on old friends, old times, and then it just got better on Saturday night. What fun. I had made the 10th reunion (really pregnant--what does that say about how old my son is now - Yikes!) and I'm sorry I missed the subsequent ones.
Hope to keep in touch
Jennifer Cornelson Addington

Sally Lloyd Lyberger said...

An interesting note - I was a VERY shy person in high school - didn't figure out how to be me until college and later. Anyway, an interesting note - I attended WTW for four years freshman through senior, and on the day of graduation the person in front of me, and the person behind me, and I introduced ourselves to each other. We had never met. That's how big Woodson was to me. Thanks for this site. I was unable to attend the reunion, but I'm enjoying all of this.
Sally Lloyd Lyberger

Dale Morgan said...

Sally, that is so true about never being able to know everyone because the class was so large. Even if I had not been shy,and had gone to grade school here I could never have known everyone in our class. I only was here for sophomore, junior and senior years.

But, having said that, do you remember back in the 1990's I was on an elevator in the Annex at Treasury and I spoke to you that I was not sure how I knew you, but you really looked familiar? We each threw out a few guesses and the one that matched was that we were in WTW 1967 class.

I think that is kind of how we all acted at this 40th reunion. We all have gotten past being too embarrassed to say anything to someone we did not know. What is wrong with saying, "I did not know you, but I remember you?" That is why this reunion worked so well this time. My eyesight is 58 years old and I just walked around grabbing classmates' name/picture badges so I could see who they were when I did not recognize them after 40 years!! If only we could have been like that when we were younger. But, no one is.