Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Helen Roberts is a "Class" Act!!!

Alright...I WAS going to write about something else, but I got this delivery at the door this afternoon..from our very own Helen Roberts. That sweetie not only ordered all of us those class, camaraderie-building pins that had "WTW 1967 4o years" on it for our Friday night football game (10/19/07) for WTW's Homecoming game, but she mailed the remaining ones to me for anyone who missed the game!!!! A little clapping here for Helen!!! Helen has, to my knowledge, never missed a reunion. Plus, to my knowledge, was the financial 'wind beneath the wings' for our class' first reunion----the 10th reunion. She financed that reunion and took the chance of not getting paid back. She is, if none of you know it yet, a really neat, class act, person. I may tell you more about how I became the reunion "mama" as I have become known to many (how sexy is that?????).

Any0ne need one of those pins?

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Helen Roberts said...

That experience with the WTW Activities Committee must have stuck! It was my pleasure getting those buttons together in anticipation of our 40th, designed by my nifty Seattle neighbor and graphic designer, Ross Hogin.