Monday, November 12, 2007

Gene, Gene, he's our man ...

Gene Bacon wasn't a member of our class.

He was one of the big kids, a senior when we were juniors, and while his name sounds vaguely familiar, I don't remember knowing him. To be fair, though, I would probably be more likely to remember him if he were a beautiful girl I had worshipped from afar.

Editor's note: Didn't you worship all girls from afar in high school?

Hey, I was young and foolish.

Editor's note: Now you're just foolish.

Anyway, Gene sent Dale some pictures of him and some Woodson friends of his from the Class of 1967. Since we're suckers for pictures here, we'll start posting them. We'll leave it to you to tell us who you are, where the photos were taken and which one is Gene.


Mike Rappaport said...

I don't know which one is Gene, but I'm pretty sure the guy on the right is Wilford Brimley.

Sean Kennedy said...


Well, these look darn familiar to me. Gene took this at a gathering we have periodically in Centreville.

The guy to the left is me. Directly across from me is Bob Fern, who graduated with us in '67 and soon will be retiring as a pilot with American Airlines.

Next to Bob is our old friend Bruce Russell. Bruce graduated from WTW in '66. He went into the Marines, on to Vietnam, survived, returned and graduated from college. Bruce just retired from a long career at Phillip Morris.

Every few months a group of us who went to WTW, and who grew up in Kings Park, get together for lunch. We've known each other since we were 12-13 years old.

In addition to the three of us, several other friends attend: Steve Farmer, who graduated in '66, Gene of course, Bob Coulter (WTW:'67), Tom Germaine (West Springfield HS - '68), Dennis Wilson (WSHS-'68)and Harry Harbin (WSHS-'68)

The luncheons are a great excuse to get together, spend some time with each other, and tell some tall tales.

Each of us have some very fond memories of WTW. While none of us were scholars by any stretch, and got into our share of mischief, we seemed to have turned out alright. We seemed to have been able to overcome our high school days and live happy, productive lives.